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ARTIST: Nicki Minaj Featuring Chris Brown
SONG: Right By My Side
ALBUM: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded YEAR: 2012
DISCOGRAPHY: Young Money, Cash Money Records
This video were created, edited and subtitled only for this channel.
Do not copyright infrigement.




- ""It ain't your spit game, it's your dick game"
It means that she don't care about his bars, but she cares more about how big his dick and how good he is in bed.

- "That got me walkin' round ready to wear your big chain, I only argue with him
When the lakers on"
It means that some guys give their girls their jerseys or jackets to wear but nicki gets a chain, and she a Laker fan and he's not so they argue about which team is better.
Nicki is willing to be his man and represent him by wearing his big chain around her neck. Because of their amazing relationship, they only argue when the Lakers are on because they root for different teams.

- "Other than that I'm gettin' my Marc Jacob's on"

It means that when they aren't fighting about the lakers her man makes sure she's decked out in high-end Marc Jacobs attire

- "When my P*ssy game so cold, that he always seem to come back"
It means that she's saying her pussy is so good that it's always bringing him back

- "Cause he know that it be a "rap", when I'm "ridin' it" from the back"
It means that he already know that he gon bust when she start riding it reverse

- "Don't let me get in my truck, cause all them b*tches will catch it"
Here she makes a reference to the 'P*ssy Wagon', a well-know truck from Kill Bill, in which she saying that once she gets in her truck she's going on a killing spree, killing off everyone of the "b*tches*

Артист: Nicki Minaj

Название песни: Pink Friday (Murder Mark Edit)

Продолжительность песни: 02:48

Добавлено: 2014-10-03

Просмотров текста: 474

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Nicki Minaj - Right By My Side (Lyrics) Ft. Chris Brown
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